"Immersed in fiction's pull,
Lifted, uplifted from the dull,
Did raptly dream and stare,
Sight fixed on some place far."
Roxus Dall of         
the Goldcraft         
Enjoy the stories we have for you here. If you wish to submit your own for inclusion then send by  email  They must be your own work or ones that you know are out of copyright and in the public domain
The Twisted Mirror
by Tom Haskworth

Fantasy : A cruel deceipt, a little magic. Compact wordplay.
About 685 words

Strawberry Picnic
by Emma G. Stevens

Fantasy : How a child copes with sorrow and fear - real or imagined. Delightful but poignant.
About 880 words

by Tom Haskworth
Humour : Absurd story about a very disjointed lady!
About 900 words
The Yellow Paint
by R.L. Stevenson
Fantasy : You can believe in anything if you really want to. A humorous jibe at blind faith.
About 900 words
The Piece of String
by Guy De Maupassant
Village drama : A sensitive innocent tormented by the injustice of ignorant assumption.
About 2600 words
For Worse
by Tom Haskworth
Romantic sentimental drama : Can things get any worse for poor Kate?
About 1200 words