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The Dark Mod provides all the resources and help needed to make immersive first person stealth video games set in a medi-victorianesque style fantasy universe. Here you play as a lone thief living by his wits to take what he wants and remain unseen, unheard.


All you need is a Doom 3 installation and the free Dark Mod download and then you can begin to play the many free missions - or build your own!

Start here at The Dark Mod Home Page




If you have created any useable assets for Dark Mod such as textures, models, prefabs, etc. and wish to contribute them to share with others then please go to the Dark Mod forum contributions thread read the info in the first post and then post there what you wish to contribute with a link.


Because of lack of time and to prevent delays there is no nice, neat downloads webpage list. Just browse the folders and files. There may be info in a readme.txt. There may be image files to give an indication of content.